From Whence it Came!


Hi, I’m W. E. Elliott and this is the story of Almost Normal Comics!

It was April’s Fools Day, 2001, that Almost Normal Comics came into being.  As a small press artist and writer, I decided to launch Almost Normal Comics shortly after returning to the U.S. following a few years in Europe.  While in Europe I wrote reviews for Muuna Takeena, a review and underground culture zine out of Finland.  At the same time I was doing some writing and artwork for independent comics’ publisher M.A.I.N.  and others.  Once back in the states my recent experience with the small press and my lifelong love and obsession for comics, art, and music all fed the idea of setting up something devoted to promoting all the great works being created by independent writers, artists, and musicians...and Almost Normal Comics was born!

Since its inception Almost Normal Comics has published comics (both in zine format and professional print jobs) reviewed thousands of zines, comics, music, and even some indie movies, and featured the works of artists in an online art gallery! Somewhere along the way my Almost Normal Comics' publications were even noticed by Universal Pictures, a TV production company, and a couple of art galleries. The art galleries featured my art, comics, and cartoons in exhibits, the TV production company used my comics and art for a TV series, and Universal Pictures used my comics and artwork in a movie!

Now days Almost Normal Comics has become the imprint under which I publish my comics, art, and cartoons. My cartoons can be found in Penthouse, Hustler, Hustler Humor, Cannabis Cactus, and other fine publications!

It's been a great, fun, and fulfilling trip filled with a lot of interesting characters and along the way Almost Normal Comics has made a bunch of great friends ranging from fellow comic creators to cartoonists to passionate zine publishers to amazing musicians to horror actors to occult enthusiast to midget wrestlers!

There’ve been a few bumps in the road and some unexpected twist and turns, but through it all I’ve just rolled on the throttle and leaned into the curves, keeping the shinning side up!

Almost Normal Comics remains dedicated to promoting all the great works being created by indie artists, publishing new in-house comics, and continuing the ride!


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